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River Monster App for Android

River Monster App for Android:

The river monster is the famous mobile gaming in the world. The monster legends is to give the fantastic playing experience for all the people.

The total 900 monsters are available to this app, the every week the interesting monsters are update to this app.

All the monsters battle buildings are very interesting for the players. The players are create the new species in this app.

This game is the paradise for all the game lovers. The players are first to shop the fire habitat and move the favorite monsters to this app.

The different variety of monsters are the packs, monsters, habitat, and runes. The plenty of habitats are the fire habitat, nature habitat, earth habitat, thunder habitat, water habitat.

This all are different levels of play to this app. All the habitats are give the 500 points to the players. The players are choose any one of the habitat and build the habitat and feed the crops, houses in the monsters.

The firesaur is one of the animal to build the monster in the land. The players are feed to this firesaur and raise that strength to this game.

The players are feed this firesaur in lots of vegetables. The 20 quantity of vegetables to feed give thee better strength to this firesaur.

This feed for this firesaur is to increase its strength, life, speed, and stamina as well. This was increase the speed of the game for the players.

The players are shop their lots of crops and grow the food in the farm to this app. The players are press the farm and using to this crops to growth on this land.

This type of activities for this game is more interesting to all the players and increase their points as well.

The people are get the daily bonus in the April month to thus app. The people are get this bonus and claim for more playing to get the best rewards.

The plenty of variety of rewards are available are the 1 gem, 7k, 2k, 800, 19k, 1k, 4k. This all the rewards are given the more points to the players.

After get the daily rewards to the players and to shop the favorite monster such as the packs, monsters, habitats, runes, buildings, décor, islands.

This all the tools are given the better playing experience to all the people. The people are create the habitats, buildings, islands, décor and more.

The players are purchase the lots of gems to this app. The different variety of gems are the couple of gems, some gems, handful of gems, bucket of gems, small chest of gems.

The players are purchase the 25 to 465 gems to this app. 25 gems are 179 rupees, 65 gems are sales to 449 rupees, 140 gems are sales the 899 rupees, 300 gems are sales the 1799 rupees, the 465 gems are sales the 2699 rupees.

This is all are purchase the real UPI cash for all the players. This was given the real bonus to the people.

The plenty of nice experience are get this app to the players. The monster power of increase in the runes, relics, beasts, talents.

This power is increase the strategy and attack the enemies, tanks, attackers, control monster as well. Themulti-player battles are also available to this app.

This is give the nice experience to the people and get the more points and bonus. The players are set the multiplayer mode and to win the lots of trophies and to go the more levels.

The players are challenge the other monster to the multiplayer battle. The players are build the breeding of mountains, farms, habitats as well.

The players are unlock the special buildings such as the library and the monster lab. The team chat are also available to this app.

The lots of wars and marathons events are also available to this app, this is very interesting to this app, and the multiple feature are given the big boost to the players.

So this game is very interesting than the online casino as well. So the plenty of people are play to this game in all over the world. All this feature are very interesting and great entertainment as well.

version 17.1
Updated on 16thApril 2024
downloads 50000000+
Download size 122 MB
Required OS Android 6.0 and up
App purchase 28 to 8900 per item
Offer by Social point
Released on 12thJune 2014

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