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Top 7 Apps to Increase the Volume Above Limit on Your Device

Want audio that is beyond the limits? Prepare to embark on a musical journey with the top apps that will increase your phone’s volume above its limit. Let your ears decide!

Are you ready for a new audio experience? We’ll reveal the secrets of volume amplification. It’s time for a volume boost!

Volume Booster GoodEV

Volume Booster GoodEV is a simple and efficient audio enhancer that stands out in an overcrowded market. The interface is simple and easy to use.

The app is a great choice for those who want to raise the volume beyond the maximum. This app is free for those who want to get more out of their audio output on mobile devices, particularly for videos and music.

The app does have its limits. The app does not support Android versions 4.2.1 to 4.3 and it cannot be used to increase call volume.

It is important to use it carefully in order to prevent speaker damage and hearing problems. Volume Booster GoodEV will enhance your viewing experience if you use it with care.

Pricing: Free.
Compatible with: Android.

What it looks like

  • Accessibility for Free: The attribute of makes this a popular option among users who are interested in sound amplification but do not want to pay money.
  • User Friendly Design: This app has a very simple, intuitive and user friendly interface.
  • Audio Enhancement App: This app is a standout for the ability it has to enhance audio quality without degrading your device.
  • App Widespread Recognization: This app is widely recognized by users who are looking for ways to raise the volume of their music above the usual limit.

What it fails to deliver:

  • Limited compatibility: Volume Booster GoodEV is not compatible with all Android devices. This limits the number of users.
  • Call volume is not amplified by the app. It can be an issue for users who are looking to improve the audio quality during calls.
  • Use the app with caution. Over-volume can cause damage to the speakers of your device and even hearing loss.

User review For Good Volume Booster :

I recommend this “volume booster “app to anyone no matter their type of headphones set. Having the ability to adjust the clarity and unique sound of your music, this is an app just for the cause! I have to say, having just the right amount of quality measuring the volume level at your own discretion, I’m assure you that you wouldn’t go wrong, It turns the cheapest headphones into a higher quality set of speakers for your ears

Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer

The Boom: Bass Booster & Equalizer app is not just another audio enhancement tool for your mobile device. It’s a sound revolution that turns ordinary sounds into exceptional experiences.

The app is able to strike a balance between volume and sound quality. Boom is a sound-quality app that can increase volume beyond the maximum.

Its built-in Equalizer offers a variety of customisation options. Its ability to add depth to tracks by bringing out the deep bass sounds is another feature that stands out.

The app allows you to link your TIDAL Account or search through their more than 20,000 podcasts and radio programs around the world.

Pricing: The app is available for a free 7-day trial. Subscription plans start at $2.99 a month.
Compatible with: Android, and iOS.

What it looks like

  • Immersive audio experience: This app is more than just an amplification. It creates a rich immersive experience by turning each sound into textured audioscapes.
  • Sound Enhancement with Balance: boom ensures users get a more enjoyable audio experience, without having to compromise the sound quality of the original.
  • Built-in, Versatile Equalizer: This app has a built-in equalizer that allows users to customize the sound according to their own preferences.
  • Amplification of Deep Bass: boom is a powerful tool that amplifies and brings out the deepest bass notes, giving music a richer and more vibrant sound.

What it fails to deliver:

  • Balance is Important: To avoid distortion, users must maintain the right balance between sound quality and amplification.
  • Complexity at First: At first, some users may find that the customization and features are overwhelming. This will require a little bit of learning.
  • Limited compatibility: boom may not be compatible with all hardware, causing frustration to users who have unsupported devices.
  • Premium Cost: Although it is free to try, the full functionality comes at an extra cost. This might not be affordable for everyone.

Downloads: 5M+

Size: 30.2M

Platform: Android & iOS

Price: $0

Volume Booster – Sound Booster

The audio app market is crowded with many audio applications. Volume Booster – Sound Booster stands out as a useful tool for users who want to get more audio from their devices without spending too much money.

This app is simple, but there are many apps that can increase volume beyond the maximum. Not only is it important to keep the quality of sound, but also how loud you can make your music.

Its intuitive interface demonstrates the app’s focus on the user. Even casual users can navigate through the various features and increase volume with ease.

It’s crucial that you strike the perfect balance between volume and sound quality to create a pleasing auditory experience.

Pricing: The app is free to download, however there are some in-app purchase options for more advanced features starting at $2.99.
Compatible with: Android.

What it looks like

  • Audio Enhancement: This app is focused on enhancing the audio experience by making each sound richer, more immersive and immersive.
  • User Centric Design:The application provides an intuitive interface where functionality meets simplicity. All users can navigate easily and adjust their settings.
  • Balanced Amplification: This app ensures that the quality of each tune is not compromised by the amplified sound.
  • Richness and Depth: This goes beyond increasing volume by adding richness and depth to the music. It allows users to experience a vibrant musical experience.

What it fails to deliver:

  • Quality Warning: Keep in mind the balance of volume and quality. Louder doesn’t necessarily mean better and too much amplification can lead to distortion.
  • Best results require a learning curve: Although the app has a user-friendly interface, it may take some time to optimize the application for best results.
  • In-App Purchases and Ads: If you want a free, uninterrupted and ad-free experience, the presence of in-app purchase and ads might cause a minor inconvenience.

Download : Volume Booster – Sound Booster

Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer

Equalizer FX – Sound Enhancer, another jewel in the mobile audio experience crown. The app creates soundscapes to breathe new life into each song.

Equalizer FX has a stylish design that invites you to tweak and customize your audio. Sound enhancement is made easy with the intuitive controls.

It’s important to note that the app puts sound quality first, and is not simply an application for increasing the volume. The app easily combines amplification and clarity to create a sound which is both louder and clearer.

The app offers a wide range of audio enhancements. From bass boosts and treble adjustments, it promises an exciting journey. Moderation is the key, so let your music be heard, and not the volume.

Pricing: App offers some functionalities free of charge, with advertisements. You can choose between a variety of subscriptions and in-app purchase plans, which start at just $0.99.
Compatible with: Android.

What it looks like

  • Volume Enhancer:Equalizer Boost excels at boosting volume above and beyond the typical limit, making sure each note has a powerful punch.
  • Sound Clarity is Maintained: The app maintains clarity despite the increased volume. It offers a clear and loud listening experience.
  • Customization The user has a variety of options for adjusting the sound, including boosting and balancing quality.
  • Flexible Adjustments: This app offers a variety of sound adjustments to suit different audio styles and preferences.

What it fails to deliver:

  • Dangerous Risks:Users should be careful when using the volume booster to prevent permanently damaging their devices’ speakers.
  • Time to Adjust: Finding the right balance between volume and clarity can take time.
  • Additional costs: Accessing all features to an enhanced volume experience may come at a cost, which is not always the lowest.

Download: Equalizer FX: Sound Enhancer

Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)

The Precise volume (+EQ/Booster), a relatively new app that increases a phone’s maximum volume, is growing in popularity because of its simplicity.

The app overrides Android volume control and offers its users over 100 different volume levels. Automatic controls are available.

The Precise volume app offers fewer EQ settings than the other apps on the list. However, you can still adjust the controls for the bass amplifier and sound amplifier.

It is important to use the app with caution, as it controls your entire sound system. Use it carefully to avoid damaging your device.

Pricing: You can use many of the features for free, but if you want to enhance your experience then a $0.99 PRO subscription is for you.
Compatible with: Android.

What makes it stand out?

  • No root requirements: Enjoy a smooth experience with Precise volume, which doesn’t need root access.
  • Prepared for Any Scenario. With custom volume presets it adapts quickly to any audio environment, wherever you may be.
  • Increase the Volume: volume booster allows you to increase your audio experience without losing quality.
  • Your sound, your way: This app offers an equalizer to create sounds unique for each music genre.

What it fails to deliver:

  • Ad interruptions:The ads may interrupt the experience of some users who are looking for a smooth process.
  • Data Privacy: The app requires various permissions, which could raise privacy concerns.
  • Limitations on Pro Features: The PRO version is required to access the advanced automation and other features.

Download: Precise Volume (+ EQ/Booster)

Increase the volume to unlock a world of sound!

These apps will allow you to turn up the volume beyond the maximum. You can now embark on an aural highway that turns every beat and hum into a lively symphony.

Our curated selection offers the ideal sound companion to every audio enthusiast. Transform ordinary moments into audio experiences with our bass boosters and personalized soundscapes.

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