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Medtronic App for Android

Medtronic App for Android:

The Medtronic App is the famous for the medical surgery and medical treatment app. It’s useful for the lots of doctors, surgeons, nurses, medical college students, and the people also. The people are avoid the fear to use this app.

This is the easy download procedure for all the people. This app is to give the high quality 3D stimulation for all the surgery. This app is fit for all the android devices.

The initial setting for this app to start such as the people are given their names, and select their profession as well. Because of this app for more suitable for the medical field professional.

This app are given the category of profession are the medical professional, surgical professional, dental professional, nursing and allied health, industry partner, and patient.

This app users are given their main and secondary interest. Because of plenty of surgery videos are available to this app.

The users are select their main interests are such as the oro maxillofacial surgery, orthopedics and trauma, pediatric surgery, plastic, reconstruction and aesthetic surgery, robotics, urology, vascular.

This app users are benefit for their privacy setting as well. This app is to give the option for the users to set the lots of filter for their specialty and subspecialty videos to show, sort by the title wise, most recent and most popular videos to see.

This app is available for the total of 25 specialties category of surgical videos are available. Each specialties category are available for the plenty of quantity of videos, more than the 200 videos are available in one specialist field.

The famous specialties field of videos are available this app such as the surgery, trauma, otorhinolaryngology, plastic reconstructive surgery, respiratory therapies, trauma and emergency surgery, urology, vascular, general surgery, global surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and trauma and more.

All the field doctors are easy to select their field and to watch all the details and surgery videos.

The medical college students and trainee doctors are learn the basic surgical skills and emergency medicine, surgery as well.

The most critical and very skilled cardiothoracic surgery procedures are also used for the doctors to this app.

The patients are clarify their doubts for their diseases to this app. All the nurses are learn for the emergency first aid for the serious bleeding to the patients.

Plenty of new updated surgery technology are available to this app. All the videos are free download for all the doctors and patients as well.

This app is the better learning platform for all the training doctors and nurses. This all the surgery videos are make the skillful doctors in the medical field.

This app videos are teach the step by step procedure for all the doctors and medical professionals.

This app library is the huge storage for the plenty of medical details and stimulation videos. All the medical college professors are also get the guide and teaching skills as well.

Some of the videos are purchasable for all the medical professionals. Lots of patients are suffer for the plenty of illness. So all the medical specialists are need to improve their skills and update the new surgical technology as well. This app is to give the plenty of benefits.

This app is express all the new technology available in the modern medicine to know the patients, it will increase the self-confidence to the people, and to give the feel to rectify their diseases quickly.

This app is available for all the android devices. This app is not suitable for the ordinary people and other educational field students.

This is the easy to handle for all the medical professional and patients, all the procedure and surgery videos are divided into separate fields.

Medtronic app surgical videos are approved by the lots of skilled doctors in the world, especially for the United States, British doctors and surgeons.

The offline mode is also available to this app, so all the professionals are not need every time to see the videos on the internet facilities. In any time the log out facilities are available to this app.

App version 7.20.0
downloads 1000000+
Required OS Android 8.0 and up
App purchases 10.00 to 3,950 per item
Released date 20 February 2014


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