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Bit Walking App for Android, Weight Loss App to Improve your Health

Bit walking App for android:

The bit walking is one of the weight loss app. It’s indicate burn calories and improve the health to the people. The step counter pedometer is the famous app to count the daily walking steps details and indicate to reduce the weight, drinking water level as well. This app is the advanced exercise tracker, this app is to count the people’s daily steps, duration of walking. This app is to support for all the technical issue such as the automatic track the footsteps, support the offline mode, power saving, not the wearable are required to this app.


The people are any time to pause the step counting and restart to this app. This app is the 100% safe app and easy to log in and not paid any cost. This app is to first get the some basic information to the people, such as the height, weight and the people are set their favorite language to use this app.The people are set their goals to this app that is the daily want walking steps. Save this target to this app and follow to achieve the target.


The weekly target are also set to this app. The people are indicate the daily doing exercise time for minutes and how many kcal of calories are burn for the people. The track weight changes option are available to this app, its indicate the weight changes for the people. This app is to indicate the water intake quantity and remind the people to drink the water as well. This option is most useful for the people to maintain any time hydrated for the people. The people are set the widgets to this app, this will indicate the daily footsteps counts and water intake quantity on the home screen.


This app is to give the information for the daily average steps quantity and how many miles to walking to the people. In the modern days the people are work in computer related jobs in the world, so the body works are reduced to the people. So the weight gain is one of the common problem in most of the countries. All the countries doctor’s advice to go for walking for the people. But the people are slight hesitate to go for walking daily. This app is to give the daily walking steps, calories burn details, weight change details to the people, so it’s interesting for the people to go and walk for regularly.


The people are add the lots of widgets to this app, the steps widgets are indicate the total quantity of steps. The water widgets are given the total ml of water to drink for the people. And the people are watching the graphs to total hour to walk in daily, calories burning details, total kilometer of walking as well. The people are add the other features of this app such as the diet maintain for the people, sleep routine, blood pressure level to indicate. This option is to help for the people to maintain the full body fitness and healthy life. This app is to useful for all the people as well, so this app users are share to this app download link directly to this app.


All the water drinking time, sleep time, walking time are set and save to this app, so this is remind for the people in daily, the people are any time to off the reminder as well.

The step counter pedometer app is one of the modern day health advisor to the people. The people are get the 10000 steps is to achieve the better health for the people. This all the data and reports are save to this app for the people, suppose the people are change their mobile devices this all the data are backup and restore the other devices as well.

This app is to update the new features at any time, the people are also request the new feature option add to this app. The plenty of languages are available to this app, so all the country people are used to this app easily. The people are immediately download to this app and improve their health and body fitness.

Bit Walking App for Android details

version 1.2.6
Updated on 8th April 2024
Downloads 10000000+
Download size 18.42 MB
Required OS Android 6.0 and up
In app purchase 480 per item
Offered by Hitchhike tech
Released on 12th august 2022

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