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Rajasthan Electricity

rajasthan electricity

Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Udpadan Nigam Limited is a power generation company of the state government of Rajasthan in India. Rajasthan Rajya Vidyut Udpathan Nigam Limited is abbreviated as RVUNL. It operates as a Public Sector Undertaking owned by the State Government of Rajasthan.

They are producing with the aim of providing electricity to all the people. In those days electricity was found only in a few houses. So electricity was a luxury in those days. But the Rajasthan government has brought today’s cells to such an extent that there are no houses without lights.

This government is doing many more facilities through population census. Nowadays, electricity is increasingly used as a luxury. Mixi grinder, fan, birch washing machine and battery powered electricity are being used everywhere.

Certain fees are set for such usage. This fee was to be paid by going to the electrical office. But now more and more they have introduced the method of paying from home. The most widely used of these is the website. We will see one of them in detail.

Rajasthan Electricity Bill Payment

Step: 1

First you need to install Play Store. Then you need to sign in to Google Pay.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 2

Click on New Payment button. When you click on that you will get an image.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 3

If you look at this image, you will be given two options. If you look at the first option people & bills, then the second option will be business. In this we have to select our people and bills. If you look below that, there will be two options for mobile recharge and bill payments. Then select the Bill Payment option. A new image will appear to you when you select how.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 4

See on this page how to select electricity option.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 5

After selecting electricity, ask for the option to which state you are going to pay the electricity bill. In this, you will see all state run names. In this, we have to select the status to which we are going to make the payment.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 6

You have to register this app for Bill Payment Crocodile to pay through GB. Bill payment can be done only after registering in this way. So after selecting that status, No Account Linked would have been given there. If you look at the bottom of it, there is a button called Get Start and you have to click on it.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 7

If you click on the net start button and immediately look at the next image, you will have given the link account option. Click on that link account.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 8

If you look at this image, then to pay the electricity bill, you need to type the number in whose name the electricity bill is. The number must be written correctly. The name is not important. Because if you have given that K number correctly, the information about whose name that electricity number is in the next image will come through the website itself. After filling it, click on the arrow mark button shown below.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 9

If you look at this image, your name consumer number will be given. If you look at the bottom of it, there is a link account and you have to click on it.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 10

If you look at this image, then you have given your electricity bill amount. Whether you have paid the bill for the current month or not, it will have such information. They have checked all this and given an option to pay bill under it. Click on it.

Rajasthan Electricity

Step: 11

They will give you an option to pay your electricity bill amount through which account. After selecting which account you have money in, you have to click on the Proceed to Pay option below. When he gives, sometimes you will receive an SMS on your mobile number that your payment has been made in good manner, so you can pay your electricity bill in a very simple way.

Rajasthan Electricity

Online bill payment through google pay Rajasthan Electricity

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