Apple Education Store In The Usa

Apples education store is an entirely separate shop, catering to undergraduate students, homeschool teachers, professors, professors, employees, and others within academia. Students are a huge market for Apple, so Apple has an Apple Education Store — and occasionally gives away products such as AirPods as an incentive for customers. The Apple Education Store offers discounts … Read more

Minecraft Education Edition In The Usa

Now, you know the amazing features in Minecraft Education Edition, what is it about, and how to download it to your device. Minecraft Education Edition offers a lot of interesting features you cannot get with a normal Minecraft basic game. If you are unaware, this version of Minecraft is designed to help teach a variety … Read more

Sexual Education In The Usa

Many states have sponsored some type of sexuality education, either by legislation, regulations, or guidelines. State laws and regulations that require schools to emphasize abstinence in their sexuality education curriculums have been widespread in recent years. At present, 19 states require schools to teach sexuality education, while 34 states require education on STDs and/or HIV/AIDS. … Read more