How To Transfer Swiggy Money to Bank Account (Step By Step)

What is swiggy?


Swiggy is about ordering and buying food items that are daily necessities of people online through the Swiggy app. Through this Swiggy app, people can buy all kinds of food, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Not only that, snacks can also be ordered and purchased through the Swiggy app.

Not only in urban areas but also in rural areas, all the products ordered through this Swiggy app are delivered to people’s homes. Swiggy is running this door delivery considering the fact that people who work mostly in urban areas do not have time to prepare their required food.

All products ordered through this Swiggy app are delivered to the customer’s desired location. People are benefiting a lot from this. Every time every food item is prepared. Swiggy is a very growing company.

When ordering through the Swiggy app, there is a facility to pay at the time of ordering or after delivery of the ordered items at our home. Through this, when you place an order, there are chances of you canceling the order if the items you ordered are delivered to a different address by mistake or instead of the item you asked for. If you have already paid for the item at the time of cancellation, the money is refunded to the Swiggy app wallet. You can transfer money directly to your bank account. Here are the instructions on how to change it.

Swiggy Money Transfer To Bnak Account

Step: 1

First you need to go to play store and install Swiggy app. Then you have to login it. After login you will see Swiggy app home image.


Step: 2

You will see an image on the right side of that image, click on it.


Step: 3

All your information will come in this image. Swiggy app can transfer the amount in your bank account as per the convenience of your order. For that you need to click Swiggy money option.


Step: 4

If you look at this image, there will be an add money option and you have to click on it.


Step: 5

Then how much amount Swiggy app will ask you to think. Type the amount and click on proceed to add money option.


Step: 6

You will be asked if you are going to connect through ATM card or net banking. You can select it as per your convenience and register your money in Swiggy app. Register a bank account and transfer your money to SWIGGY app.


Step: 7

What we need now is to select the payment and refund option.


Step: 8

At the time of selection, you have given option to wrap below or payment mode, then you have to select our refund status option.


Step:  9

To cancel, the food amount will be added and you can change it directly from your bank account. You can easily transfer your money from Swiggy app to bank account.



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