How To Split Video For Whatsapp Status

How To Split Video For Whatsapp Status

Choose Your Video

First, select the video you want to use for your WhatsApp status. Make sure it’s already saved on your device.

Trim the Video

WhatsApp status videos are limited to 30 seconds in length. You may need to trim your video to fit this duration. You can do this using a video editing app on your smartphone or a video editing software on your computer.

For Android

Use the built-in Google Photos app or a third-party video editing app like InShot, KineMaster, or Adobe Premiere Rush. Open the app, select your video, and trim it to the desired length (30 seconds or less).

For iOS

You can use the built-in Photos app on your iPhone to trim the video. Open the Photos app, select the video, tap “Edit,” and then use the trimming tool to shorten it to 30 seconds or less.

For PC or Mac

Use video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie (Mac), or Windows Movie Maker (Windows) to trim and edit your video.

Export the Trimmed Video

Once you’ve trimmed the video to the desired length, export or save the edited video to your device.

Prepare for WhatsApp

  • Rename the video file to something recognizable.
  • Make sure the video format is compatible with WhatsApp (usually MP4 works well).
  • Transfer the video to your smartphone if you edited it on a computer.

Upload to WhatsApp

  • Open WhatsApp on your smartphone.
  • Go to the Status tab.
  • Tap on the “My Status” button.
  • Select the video you want to upload from your device’s gallery.
  • Add a caption or text if desired.
  • Tap the Send button to upload the status.

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