How To Order Cigarettes On Swiggy Instamart

How To Order Cigarettes On Swiggy Instamart

Swiggy is an online ordering platform. These online orders are increasing at a high rate. Its main purpose is food, grocery industry, other needs use Instamart to provide it.

Instamart is a chain of online convenience stores. Instant foods, snacks, fruits and vegetables, ice creams and other products are available through these virtual convenience stores.
Swiggy offers these things through its partner Dark Stores. They are exclusively available online and its hubs.

Instamart Timing 7 am – 1 am Daily
Customer Care 080-6746 6666
Coupon code On orders above ₹199


How does Swiggy Instamart work?

Swiggy has over 20 million monthly users. 1.5 million orders per day as of June 2021. Its orders have grown by 2.5 times and revenue by 2.8 times from June 2020 to June 2021.

Based on the insight that families order limited products every day, Swiggy Instamart promises to deliver your order within 45 minutes from 7 am to 1 am. The market business is integrated with local grana stores.

There users can get groceries, fresh produce, essentials and food items through Swiggy’s delivery fleet.The company has specialty services under its stores business like meat and seafood, pet care.

What can you order on Instamart?

  • All Grana products
  • Drinks
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Chicken and meat
  • Sweets and bakery products
  • Dairy products
  • Personal & Baby Care Products
  • Health products
  • Household and cleaning products
  • Cooking essentials
  • Benefits of Instamart Grocery Shopping
  • Nominal delivery charge
  • Grocery delivery in 15-30 minutes
  • Long time home delivery service
  • Delivery from Swiggy’s own store

How to access Swiggy Instamart?

You can access Instamart in the Swiggy app by clicking on the Instamart tile on the home page of the Swiggy app. Instamart aims to fulfill the unmet grocery needs of its urban customer, even at odd hours of the day.
No waiting with Instamart as these deliveries are done within an hour.Now you download Swiggy app and try Instamart now.

Company’s future plan

The company expects Convenience’s total addressable market to grow to 500 million users over the next decade as India’s middle class expands and more people order food and groceries online.

What is Swiggy Instamart?

Instamart is Swiggy’s delivery service for groceries and all Grana products.

  • Delivered within 15-20 minutes of ordering
  • It is open daily from 7 am to night

What is the maximum amount we can order for grocery shopping?

You can order a maximum of 3 kt single items for home delivery.
In which cities is Instamart available?

It provides services in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Bangalore & Delhi-NCR region.

What are Swiggy Dark Stores?

Dark stores are local fulfillment branches spread widely across cities. These may be warehouses Or even small local retailers stocking FMCG and fresh products.

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