How To Foreclose HDFC Debit Card EMI Online

Foreclose HDFC Debit Card EMI Online

Contact HDFC Customer Service

The easiest way to foreclose your debit card EMI is by contacting HDFC Bank’s customer service. You can call their customer care number or visit the nearest HDFC Bank branch for assistance.

Provide Necessary Details

You will need to provide your debit card details, including the card number and your personal information to verify your identity.

Request for Closure

Inform the customer service representative that you wish to close the EMI facility on your HDFC debit card.

Pay Outstanding Amount

If there is an outstanding EMI amount on your card, you will need to settle this amount. The customer service representative will guide you on how to make this payment.


After the outstanding amount is paid and the closure request is processed, ask for confirmation in writing or via email for your records.

How To Foreclose HDFC Debit Card EMI Online

Login to HDFC Internet Banking

Visit the HDFC Bank official website. Log in to your HDFC Internet Banking account using your Customer ID and Password.

Access the EMI Section

Once logged in, navigate to the Loans or EMI section. The exact location of this section may vary on the website, so look for it in the main menu or dashboard.

Select the EMI Loan Account

Find and select the specific EMI loan account associated with your debit card EMI.

Foreclose the EMI

Look for an option to foreclose the EMI or prepay the outstanding amount. This option should be available within the loan account details.

Enter Details

You might be required to enter details like the amount you want to prepay and confirm your request.


Make the necessary payment using your HDFC bank account or another valid payment method linked to your HDFC account.


After making the payment, you should receive a confirmation of the EMI foreclosure.

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