How To Fill Societe Generale Cheque

How To Fill Societe Generale Cheque

Societe Generale


Societe Generale is also known as SocGen. This bank is very old. Founded in 1864, Societe Generale is headquartered in Paris, France.

Apart from doing their job as a financial services company, it also runs a small savings scheme for most of the borrowers. This bank offers a very simple way to open an account digitally. A fee of EUR 350 has been set for opening an account in this way.

While this payment remains in your account, interest is paid on it once every three months. pass book offers debit cards for account usage.

Societe Generale Cheque

A Cheque book is issued by the bank. The first Cheque is issued free of charge. There are some fees that are set when we use Cheque. If money is coming into our account through a cheque, a minimum of EUR 20 is charged and a maximum of EUR 50 is charged. Similarly, when a Cheque is withdrawn from one account to another account, a fee of 12.50 EUR is charged.

Before giving a Cheque to the bank, I must carefully Cheque that it is complete. Because there are opportunities. So returned but a fee of 20 EUR is charged from the bank. So before handing over a check to the bank it is better to Cheque that all the required information has been filled in correctly and give it to the bank.

It is also best not to wrap it. There are chances of return while processing the Cheque. Whenever you give a check to someone, it is best to give it after Cheque that the requested information is filled in correctly.

How to Fill the Cheque

Step: 1

If you are giving to another person instead of pay, you should write like this. You should write it down.


Step: 2

The amount should be written as thousand in words.


Step: 3

How much amount should be written in number form as thousand.


Step: 4

Before giving a Cheque to the bank we have to write and process the date which we are using in month day month year format as 13 JULY 2006.


Step: 5

The Cheque should be signed as well as signed when the account is opened. It is better to write your mobile number. Because of your simple way of communicating.


In this way you can join a bank. It will be very easy for you. A Cheque should be used in a very careful manner. With this you can use a Cheque.

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