How To Fill Qatar National Bank SAQ Cheque

How To Fill Qatar National Bank SAQ Cheque

Qatar National Bank SAQ

Qatar National Bank

Qatar National Bank is one of the largest banks in the country. Qatar National Bank was founded in 1964 and is headquartered in Doha, Qatar. They communicate information about their bank to a large number of customers. They run this bank only for the customers.

They open an account in the bank to the customer in a quick manner. A QR fee of 10,000 rupees has been set from the bank where the account is opened. This payment will be deposited into their bank account. They buy interest once in three months from the bank on the amount so kept. This bank offers debit cards on pass book for customers to use on their accounts.

Qatar National Bank SAQ Cheque

Customers have come up with a cheque book to make their money transfer very easy. This cheque book provides a mechanism for customers to withdraw money from their account and transfer money from one account to another. They open an account as this cheque book and buy it immediately, sometimes they ask for it and buy it. There is no first payment for such received cheque. A QR30 fee is charged for the same cheque on repeat purchase. Using this cheque is very easy.

It is important to use a cheque very carefully. Because for some reason cheque return is charged qr 300 for it. This payment is taken directly from their bank account. This can happen if you process a cheque without checking that you filled it out correctly. All the information asked for in a cheque must be filled in correctly. A cheque should be written without any striking. A cheque should not be folded. Because there are chances of return while processing. So it is best to use a cheque with care.

How to Fill a cheque

Step: 1

It matters which date we use on a cheque. So you have to write 25-09-2012 as day month year.

Qatar National Bank

Step: 2

The name of the person for whom it is used should be written as Roy Ang in the Pay field.

Qatar National Bank

Step: 3

The amount should be written as twelve million three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight only in words.

Qatar National Bank

Step: 4

The amount should be written as 12,345,678 as a number.

Qatar National Bank

Step: 5

When the account is opened, you should sign the cheque in the same way as you signed it. It is best to write your signature and mobile number on the cheque pin page. Because we can easily contact you for information about bank overdraft.

Qatar National Bank

Similarly fill a cheque in good manner without any mistakes. This information will definitely be useful for you.


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