How To Fill MUFG Bank Ltd Cheque

How To Fill MUFG Bank Ltd Cheque

MUFG Bank Ltd


MUFG Bank is one of Japan’s largest development banks. MUFG is among the three so-called “megabanks” in Japan. The bank is one of the leading banks in the financial services industry and is one of the fastest growing banks in Japan.

Opening an account in a bank is quite simple. Also, these banks open accounts very quickly through the system. The account opened by him has an INR fee of 5 lakhs. This payment is deposited into your account.

For this, the bank also provides interest once every three months. Debit cards are issued to customers for use on account.

MUFG Bank Ltd Cheque

A cheque book is a very simple way for a customer to withdraw money or transfer money from one account to another. Withdrawal by cheque is very easy. Also the bank manager will tell you how to use this discount.

A cheque can be purchased as soon as you open an account. Also it does not provide for all accounts. There is a charge of 200 INR for such purchase of check book. Up to 50 lips are provided in this cheque book. They process the cheque very quickly.

A Cheque should be used very carefully. Because there are chances of the check getting bounced due to any number of reasons. I was in the bank when it was returned and a fee of INR 300 was charged. This payment is from your purchase account Taken directly.

When giving a cheque to the bank for processing, we have to cheque whether we have filled all the information asked in the cheque correctly, whether we have written it without any mistakes, or whether we have left a cheque unwrapped, and then we have to give it to the bank for processing.

Likewise, it is best to verify that there are funds in the account before using it for cashing and processing. So use a cheque very carefully without any return.

How to Fill a cheque

Step: 1

The date on which we are going to withdraw the money should be written in the form of 25-09-2012 in the form of day months and years.


Step: 2

12,345,678 should be written in the form of how much amount.


Step: 3

The amount should be taken as twelve million three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight only in words.


Step: 4

Ang Roy should write the name of the person for whom we are using this cheque.


Step: 5

Just as you signed when opening the account, you should also sign the cheque. It is best to sign the reverse side of the cheque and write your mobile number. Bank manager can easily contact you for any information about the cheque. Thus the process is done quickly without any delay.


This information will definitely be useful for you. It is best to issue a cheque several times before issuing it to the bank. You can use this information to know the cheque filling information.


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