How To Fill Mashreq Bank PSC Cheque

How To Fill Mashreq Bank PSC Cheque

Mashreq Bank PSC


Mashreq bank PSC is the oldest private bank in the UAE. Mashreq Bank has been the largest provider of financial services and retail loans services to customers since 1967. Mashreqbank was also known as Oman Bank. PSC acts as a bank. This bank serves a large number of customers.

They open the account very quickly. A minimum balance of QAR 3000 has been set for an account. While this payment is in their account, they pay interest once every three months. ATM cards provide a passbook for using the account immediately after the account is opened.

Mashreq Bank PSC Cheque

A Cheque book is issued by the bank for very easy withdrawal of money and transfer of money by others. First of all, there are no fees for a large Cheque book. QAR 15 is charged for redoing of cheque.

This payment is directly debited to your account. A Cheque can be processed in a very simple manner. Through this Cheque you can withdraw money from your account and also transfer money from your account to other account. It is very easy to use. You can sometimes ask the bank manager how to use it.

A Cheque should be used very carefully. Because sometimes there are chances of return. A fee of QAR 300 is charged from the bank when it is returned. This payment is taken directly from your account. So a Cheque should be used with care.

When giving a Cheque to the bank for processing, we should give it after checking several times whether we have written all the information asked in the Cheque correctly. A Cheque should not be folded or squeezed. Because there are chances of return while doing the process. Before cashing the Cheque in the bank, you should verify that there are funds in the account. There are opportunities for returns for that too.

How to Fill a Cheque

Step: 1

One of the most important things when we cash a Cheque is the date on which we cash it. They will register that date in the bank. This allows us to take that information at the time of asking. The date should be written as 25-09-2012 as day month year on a cheque.


Step: 2

In the Pay field on the cheque, you must write who you are using it for. If you are going to give it to someone else, write their name as if you are interested. If you are using self then write it as self.


Step: 3

Twelve million three hundred and forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight only should be written in the words method of how much amount.


Step: 4

The amount should be taken as 12,345,678 in number form.


Step: 5

The Cheque should be signed in the same way you signed it after opening the account. It is best to sign the reverse side of the Cheque and write your mobile number. Because the bank manager can easily contact you to get information about the cheque.


Similarly you can process a Cheque carefully. This information will definitely be useful for you.

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