How To Fill Citibank N.A. Cheque

How To Fill Citibank N.A. Cheque

Citibank N.A.


Citibank, N.A. operates as an American bank subsidiary in financial services. Citibank was founded as a bank in New York City on June 16, 1812. Of this bank. Headquarters established in New York. It grew into New York’s first national city bank. Increasingly, they are opening their bank branches and providing financial services and loan assistance to the borrowers.

Accounts are opened very quickly in this bank. There is an account to be opened and the minimum amount is 10 thousand rupees. This amount is kept in their bank account.

In this way, the money deposited in the bank account is paid immediately as interest once every three months. Facebook issues debit cards to customers for using the account opened.

Citibank N.A. Cheque

A Cheque book is a very simple way to withdraw money from the bank. This Cheque book is received after opening the account. This is only offered to a select number of accounts. Using this Cheque is very simple method.

You can ask the bank manager how to use this cheque. A Cheque can be used to withdraw money from his account and transfer money from his account to another account or if he is giving to someone else he can write their name and amount and use that Cheque.

A Cheque should be used very carefully. Because if for any reason you write wrongly on the Cheque there are chances of getting it returned. A $12 fee is charged on such returns. Before handing over a Cheque to the bank, it is best to double Cheque that you have filled in all the required information correctly.

A Cheque should not be folded or crushed. Because there are chances of return for it. So a Cheque should be processed carefully so as not to be returned.

How to Fill a Cheque

Step: 1

The date on which a Cheque is redeemed should be written clearly in the form of date Month Year.


Step: 2

The name of the person for whom it is used should be written without error in the pay space. If you are using self then write self. If you are giving to someone else, write their name.


Step: 3

The amount should be written in words.


Step: 4

The amount should be written as 8393938 as a number.


Step: 5

You should sign the Cheque in the same way as you signed it while opening the account. Sign the reverse side of the Cheque and write your mobile number. Because the bank manager can contact you in a simple way.


With this information you can make better use of a Cheque. This information will definitely be useful for you.

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