How To Fill Canara Bank Form 15g Online [Mobile and Computer]

Canara Bank

Canara Bank is a government owned bank. It is set up to serve the people. This bank operates various savings schemes. And they have many rules. If a person puts any FD RD or any savings provided by the government in their bank account above 10000 per annum and the interest is high then 10% tax is charged on it.

With this information, you can know in a simple way how to prevent taxes from coming and how to get back those taxes if you have taken them. If you have any RD FD Savings then financier should fill Form 15 G 15 H every year and credit it to your RD FD account. 10000 through RD FD will be tax-free on the interest you get above 10000 only if so linked.

15G form If people under 60 years of age have deposited RD FD, no tax will be charged only if this form is linked to RD FD account. Now how about income tax? It has introduced a system of giving tax on your savings above Rs 2.5 Lakhs. 15h form is for people above 60 years of age have brought 15H form to prevent tax up to 5 lakhs, which is very useful.

Form Fill 15G canara bank

15G 15H These two forms are identical. It’s the same as filling the form. It can be seen in detail.

Canara Bank

Step: 1

Write the name of the person whose name is there. Please write your PAN number for the accessories. Your PAN number must be updated in your bank account. Status previous years  residential status Everything should be filled.

Canara Bank

Step: 2

Then write your address clearly below. Take your email id and write it down. Write your phone number. Then they ask if you have already paid any taxes. If you have paid tax, tick S or tick no.

Canara Bank

Step: 3

Estimated income for which this declaration, you should write down how much interest you get on your savings. Then Estimated total income , the interest and the total amount paid by you should be written in it. Then asked if you have given any 15G form before this, if you have given then how many forms you have given and number of form should be written or If you have not used it, write No.

Canara Bank

Step: 4

How much savings have you put in during the investment  and the savings register number should be written in it and the reason for giving this form should be written in the same way as the interest. You should write the section number (192 (A)) where the section number is. You should write down the amount of interest that you expect to receive. They ask for your signature and you have to sign it.

Canara Bank

Step: 5

Look at the first line of the declaration and then write your name and then from which year you have been in this form and fill up this form and write that year. After writing the assessment complaint, the town name and date should be written. Then you have to put your signature. Thus 15G 15H can be formed in a very simple way.

Canara Bank
Canara Bank.

Form Fill 15G format Video

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