How To Fill BNP Paribas Cheque

How To Fill BNP Paribas Cheque

BNP Paribas


BNP Paribas is a French largest international banking group. The full form of BNP Paribas is Banque Nationals de Paris et Paribas. It is the oldest bank which started small since 1848 and now has grown to a very large scale. Its headquarters Boulevard des Italians, Paris, France. Opening a bank account is very simple. They open quickly without keeping the customer waiting. The bank charges a fee of €1500 for opening such an account. Cards passbook is issued by the bank to use this account.

BNP Paribas Cheque

It is very easy to withdraw the amount from our account and transfer the word to other account and it is very easy to use this cheque.

This Cheque is issued by the bank when the account is opened. A fee of €500 is charged for this. This Cheque book is provided up to 50 leaves. Customers simply using method of Cheque out € for conversion.

Cheque should be used with caution. Because there is a much chance of the Cheque being bounced due to some reasons. A fee of €500 is charged from the bank on such return. Sometimes you are charged a fee of €300 when you refuse to process the cheque.

Before depositing the Cheque in the bank, the buyer should Cheque that all the information asked for in the Cheque is correct. Do not fold the cheque. This is because there are chances of a general return of the Cheque process and therefore a savings. It is best to process a Cheque so that it is not returned.

How to Fill the Cheque

Step: 1

In a Cheque we have to write the name of the person for whom we will use the Cheque.


Step: 2

The amount to be given should be written in words.


Step: 3

The amount should be written as a number.


Step: 4

Then we should clearly write the date on which we worship.


Step: 5

The Cheque should be signed in the same way as the account is opened. It is best to write your signature mobile number on the back side of the cheque. Because you can very easy to contact bank in a simple way to know any information about the Cheque.


With this you can process a Cheque in a very simple way. This information will definitely be useful for you.

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