How To Fill Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC Cheque

How To Fill Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC Cheque

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC

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The full form of BBK is Bank of Bahrain and Kuwait. BBK was established on March 16, 1971 in both the State of Kuwait & Kingdom of Bahrain. His bank provides easy account opening to all customers in a very short time.

A minimum amount of one thousand rupees is charged for the account opened in this way. The bank pays some interest on the money in the account. The interest thus provided is credited to their account every three months. After opening this account, ATM cards passbooks are immediately provided by the bank to the customer for using the account.

Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait BSC Cheque

Also they provide something called Cheque book to use more amount. Cheque book is very useful for withdrawing money from bank and transferring money from bank to other account. This Cheque is very easy to use.

A fee of 125 rupees is charged for issuing this Cheque from the bank. Up to 50 leaves are given in that Cheque book. Again, you can usually go directly to the bank or register online and buy it in a very simple way.

A Cheque should be used very carefully. Because there are chances of the Cheque getting bounced due to any number of reasons. 250 rupees will be charged from your bank account on such return.

So, if you use a Cheque, you should checking whether all the information asked in the Cheque is filled correctly and then give it to the bank for processing. A Cheque should not be folded or crushed before depositing it in the bank.

Because sometimes there are opportunities while processing that Cheque. So it is best that you process a Cheque until it is returned.

How to Fill the Cheque

Step: 1

The use date on a Cheque is very important. Because a Cheque we know some information sometimes that date is very important. It can be returned if not used within 3 months from the date of writing. This Cheque can be used from 14-03-2017 to 14-06-2017. In the Pay field, write who is using this Cheque for.


Step: 2

Sometimes you have to write self if you are using If you are giving it to someone else, you should write the name for whatever reason you are giving it to. For example, A check is issued in the name of Dreams Society.



The amount should be written as five hundred and in words.


Step: 4

500 should be written in that box as the amount in the form of number.


Step: 5

Just as you signed when opening the account, you should also sign the cheque. If so, there are chances of return for that too. Write your signature post mobile number on the back side of the Cheque and your Cheque will be processed very quickly.

You can easily contact the bank for information about any Cheque.


Fill the Cheque without any error. All this information will definitely be useful for you. You can process the Cheque through this at this bank. It will be very easy for you.

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