How To Fill AB Bank Ltd Cheque

How To Fill AB Bank Ltd Cheque

AB Bank Ltd


AB Bank Limited is the first private sector bank of Bangladesh. Arab Bangladesh Bank is known as AB. Head Office of Arab Bangladesh Bank Limited at New Marine Lines-Churchgate. This bank is helping all the people in a very simple way by arranging small financial assistance and small savings as per their convenience.

This bank is set up as a way to get money through my business. This bank provides account opening in very simple way to all the customers. A fee of Tk 500 is given for account opening. This TK earns interest when you keep it in your account. Banks provide cards and pass books for account usage.

AB Bank Ltd Cheque

A Cheque book can only be issued by a bank. A charge of Tk 5 is charged for this Cheque when it is drawn from the bank. 20 to 50 leaves per Cheque book. Using a Cheque is very simple. So this Cheque is enough to withdraw money from someone’s account and transfer money from our account to another account or if it is for whom we write his name and fill the amount. It is very easy to use.

Be very careful when using a Cheque. Because sometimes there are chances of return. A charge of Tk 50 is charged from the bank for such returned cheque. This payment is taken directly from your account. Therefore, when using a cheque, it is better to give it to the bank only after checking whether all the information asked for in the Cheque is filled correctly.

How to Fill a Cheque

Step: 1

In the Cheque we have to write the date on which we use it.It should be used for three months from that date. This Cheque can be used from 25-09-2012 to 25-12-2012.


Step: 2

You should write self in the place of bay because you are using it. If giving to someone else, write their name as Roy Ang clearly without error.


Step: 3

The amount should be written as one crore twenty three lac forty five thousand six hundred and seventy eight only  in words.


Step: 4

The amount should be written as tk 1,23,45,678 within the number.


Step: 5

The Cheque should also be signed in the same manner as when the account was opened. Signature on the back of Cheque It is very useful to write down your mobile number.


Everyone should thus fill a Cheque properly and write it without error. This information will help you make better use of a Cheque. This will definitely be useful information for you.

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