How To Delete Bank Account From Paytm

Paytm Account

Digital Wallet

Paytm offers a digital wallet service that allows users to store money digitally. Users can add money to their Paytm wallets and use it for various transactions, including mobile recharges, bill payments, and online shopping.


Paytm enables users to make a wide range of payments, including utility bill payments (electricity, water, gas), mobile and DTH recharges, booking tickets for flights, buses, trains, and movies, and even paying for goods and services at offline retail stores through QR code scanning.

Online Shopping

Paytm has a robust e-commerce platform where users can shop for a wide variety of products, including electronics, fashion, home goods, and more. It also frequently offers cashback and discounts to attract customers.

Financial Services

Paytm has ventured into the financial services sector, offering services such as savings accounts (Paytm Payments Bank), digital gold purchases, and insurance products.

Paytm Money

This is a separate platform within the Paytm ecosystem that offers services related to mutual fund investments and stock trading.

Paytm for Business

Paytm provides tools and solutions for businesses to accept digital payments and manage their finances. This includes QR code-based payments, invoicing, and more.

Paytm Payments Bank

Paytm Payments Bank is a separate entity that provides banking services, including savings accounts and fixed deposits. It allows users to earn interest on the money stored in their Paytm wallets.

Paytm Wallet to Bank Transfer

Users can transfer money from their Paytm wallets to their linked bank accounts and vice versa.

How To Delete Bank Account From Paytm

Open the Paytm App

Launch the Paytm mobile app on your smartphone.

Log In

Log in to your Paytm account using your mobile number and password or PIN.

Access Your Profile

Tap on your profile icon or your name, typically located in the upper-left or upper-right corner of the app’s interface.

Go to Bank Accounts

Look for an option like Bank Accounts, Payment Settings, orĀ  Manage Bank Accounts. It might be located under the Profile or Settings section, depending on the app’s layout.





Select the Bank Account

You should see a list of the bank accounts linked to your Paytm account. Choose the one you want to delete.

Delete or Remove

There should be an option to “Delete” or “Remove” the selected bank account. Tap on it.




Confirm Deletion

You may be asked to confirm the deletion of the bank account. Confirm the action.

OTP Verification

You might receive a one-time password (OTP) on your registered mobile number for security verification. Enter the OTP when prompted.


After successfully verifying the OTP, you should receive a confirmation message that the bank account has been deleted from your Paytm account.

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