Hero Electric Optima Spare Parts Price List

Hero Electric Optima Spare Parts

Hero Electric Optima is an electric scooter, and like any other vehicle, it may require spare parts for maintenance and repairs over time. Spare parts for Hero Electric Optima can typically be obtained from authorized Hero Electric service centers or dealerships


The battery is a critical component of an electric scooter. Depending on the model and version of your Optima, you may need a lithium-ion battery pack or other specific battery components.


Tires can wear out over time and may need to be replaced. Ensure you choose the right size and type of tires for your scooter.

Brake Pads

Brake pads should be inspected regularly and replaced when they become worn to ensure safe braking.


If the charger for your scooter becomes faulty or is lost, you can purchase a replacement charger from authorized dealers.


In rare cases, the motor may need replacement due to damage or wear and tear.

Suspension Components

Parts like shock absorbers and suspension forks may require replacement if they are damaged or not functioning correctly.


Headlights, taillights, and turn signals may need replacement if they are not working properly.

Control Unit

The electronic control unit (ECU) is a crucial part of the scooter’s electrical system. If it fails, it may need to be replaced.

Cables and Wiring

Over time, cables and wiring can become damaged. Replacing them may be necessary to ensure proper electrical connections.

Body Panels

If the scooter has been involved in an accident or has cosmetic damage, you may need replacement body panels or fairings.


Service Stand Rs.35,748
Rear SET Rs. 32,670
YSS Racing Spec Rs. 18,229
Steering Dampers Rs. 15,980
Rear Foot Reat SET Rs. 14,678
Fairing Guard SET Rs. 13,376
Crank Shaft Assy Rs. 8,727
Front Fork Guards Rs. 5,919
BAR Clamp SET Rs. 4,853
D.i.d. 520 VR O-ring Rs. 4,735
Rear Licence Support Rs. 2,959
Head Light Assy Rs. 2,895
Chain KIT Rs. 2,769
Battery – Exide Fzl0-xltz9 Rs. 2,529
Swing ARM Spools Rs. 2,342
Flat Foot Rs. 2,341
Rear Brake Reservoir Rs. 2,095
Clutch Cable Guide Rs. 1,681
Chassis NUT Bolt KIT Rs. 1,636
Complete Sticker KIT Rs. 1,536
Chain Sprocket Rs. 1,500
Steering Stem Bolt Rs. 1,356
Windshield Rs. 1,312
Extra Protector Rs. 1,035
Timing Chain Rs. 954
Voltmeter Rs. 947
Crank Bearing KIT Rs. 900
Aluminium Tire Valve Rs. 864
Stainless Bolt SET Rs. 781
Duro Valve SET Rs. 735
Engine OIL – Motul 7100 4T 10w50 Fully Synthetic Rs. 675
Engine Main Bearing SET Rs. 621
Customized Washer M6 Rs. 592
Brake Lever Lock Rs. 592
TAX Disc Display Holder Rs. 568
LEG Guard Rs. 540
Ryder Clips Rs. 533
Stainless Bolt FOR Break Rs. 497
Rotating BAR Clamp Rs. 465
Chain Lubricant – Motul C1 102980 Rs. 405
Saree Guard Rs. 405
Mirror Rs. 399
Kick Lever Rs. 360
Fuse Wire

Handle BAR

Rs. 353

Rs. 338

Spark Plug Rs. 324
Brake Cable Rear Rs. 319
Carburator Slide With Rs. 248
Carburator Float Rs. 198
CUP Cone Rs. 236
Carburator Manifold Rs. 225
Brake Cable Front Rs. 216
Choke Cable Assy Rs. 203
Diaphragm Rs. 180
Brake Shoe Rs. 123
AIR Filters Rs. 162
Tool KIT Rs. 158
Hose Pipe BIG Rs. 154
Speedometer Cable Rs. 137
Carburator Float PIN Rs. 135
Diaphragm Rs. 125
Pressure Plate Rs. 123
Engine Hanger Rs. 120
Front Footrest Rs. 113
Handle Yoke Accelerator Rs. 99
Carburator Slow JET Rs. 90
Rear Footrest Rs. 90
Carburator Slide Rs. 88
Carburator Choke Lever Rs. 86
AIR Screw Rs. 83
Brake Pedal Rubber Rs. 83
Plug CAP Rs. 68
Carburator Main JET Rs. 68
Plug Wire Assy Rs. 68
Kick Spring Rs. 59
Petrol Pump Rs. 56
Speedometer Worm SET Rs. 45
Head Light Bulb Rs. 41
OIL Gauge Rs. 36
Kick Rubber Rs. 21
Tail Light Bulb Rs. 18

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