Hero Electric Eddy Range, Booking, Price, Cost, EMI

Hero Electric Eddy Introduction

Hero Electric is a leading Indian electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer that specializes in electric bikes and scooters. The company was established in 2007 and has since become one of the prominent players in the Indian EV market. Hero Electric is known for its commitment to sustainability and providing eco-friendly transportation solutions.

Hero Electric offers a wide range of electric bikes that cater to various needs and preferences. Their electric bikes are designed to be efficient, reliable, and affordable, making them suitable for daily commuting and short-distance travel. These bikes are powered by electric motors and come with rechargeable batteries.

One of the key advantages of Hero Electric bikes is their zero-emission nature, as they do not produce harmful exhaust emissions like conventional petrol or diesel-powered vehicles. This makes them environmentally friendly and helps reduce air pollution and dependence on fossil fuels.

Hero Electric bikes also offer several benefits such as low maintenance costs, reduced noise levels, and convenient charging options. They are designed to be user-friendly and provide a comfortable riding experience. The bikes come equipped with features like digital displays, LED lighting, and regenerative braking systems.

In addition to their regular electric bike lineup, Hero Electric has also introduced advanced models with features like connected technology, smartphone integration, and swappable battery systems. These advancements aim to enhance the overall user experience and make electric mobility more accessible to a wider audience.

Hero Electric has a strong network of dealerships and service centers across India, ensuring customer support and after-sales service. The company continues to innovate and expand its product range to meet the growing demand for electric mobility in India.

What Is Hero Eddy Electric Bike?

Hero Electric is a brand that specializes in manufacturing electric bikes and scooters. Hero Electric bikes are two-wheelers powered by electric motors, eliminating the need for petrol or diesel fuel. These bikes are designed to provide a more eco-friendly and cost-effective alternative to traditional gasoline-powered motorcycles.

Hero Electric bikes typically feature a lightweight frame, ergonomic design, and a battery pack that powers the electric motor. The electric motor propels the bike forward, and the rider can control the speed and acceleration using a throttle or pedal assist system.

One of the key advantages of Hero Electric bikes is their low operating cost. Since they run on electricity, they can be charged at home or at charging stations, significantly reducing fuel expenses. Moreover, electric bikes have lower maintenance costs compared to traditional bikes, as they have fewer moving parts and don’t require frequent oil changes or tune-ups.

Hero Electric offers a range of models with varying specifications and features to cater to different needs and preferences. Some models are designed for city commuting, while others are more suitable for off-road adventures or longer distances. The range and top speed of Hero Electric bikes may vary depending on the model and battery capacity.

Parts Off Hero Eddy Electric Bike


The frame forms the main structure of the bike, providing support and housing for all the components.

Electric Motor

The electric motor is usually integrated into the rear hub, front hub, or the bottom bracket of the bike. It provides power assistance to the rider, helping with pedaling or providing a fully electric mode.


The battery supplies power to the electric motor. It is usually mounted on the frame, typically on the downtube or rear rack. The battery capacity determines the range of the electric bike.


The controller manages the flow of electric power from the battery to the motor. It also handles functions such as speed control and system diagnostics.

Display/Control Panel

The display or control panel is typically mounted on the handlebars and provides information about speed, battery level, distance, and other settings. It often includes buttons or a touchscreen interface to control various functions of the electric bike.


Some electric bikes are equipped with a throttle, allowing the rider to engage the motor without pedaling. The throttle is usually a twist-grip or thumb-operated device.

Pedal-Assist System

Electric bikes often feature a pedal-assist system, also known as a PAS. This system senses the rider’s pedaling and provides assistance based on the selected level of assistance (usually adjustable).


Electric bikes typically have brakes similar to those found on regular bicycles, including disc brakes or rim brakes, to provide stopping power.


Depending on the model, electric bikes may have a variety of gear systems, including derailleur gears or internal hub gears, enabling the rider to change gears for easier or faster pedaling.

Wheels and Tires

The Hero Eddy electric bike will have wheels and tires designed for various terrains, providing a balance of durability, traction, and efficiency.

Hero Electric Eddy Bike Range

The range of Hero Electric bikes can vary depending on the model and various other factors. Typically, the range of Hero Electric bikes falls within the range of 50 to 100 kilometers (31 to 62 miles) on a full charge.

It’s important to note that the range can be influenced by factors such as the battery capacity, terrain, riding style, payload, and weather conditions.

Additionally, newer models or advancements in battery technology may have different range specifications compared to older models.For the most accurate and up-to-date information on Hero Electric bike models and their range, I recommend visiting the official Hero Electric website or contacting their customer support directly.

Hero Electric Eddy Colours

  • Yellow

  • Light Blue

Hero Electric Eddy Specification


Hero Electric scooters are powered by electric motors. The power output and type of motor may vary across different models.


These scooters are equipped with a rechargeable battery pack to power the electric motor. The battery capacity and type may vary depending on the specific model.


The range of a Hero Electric scooter typically refers to the distance it can travel on a full charge. It can vary from model to model, but most Hero Electric scooters offer a range of around 60-100 kilometers per charge.

Charging Time

The charging time required to fully charge the battery depends on the battery capacity and the charger used. Hero Electric scooters usually take around 4-6 hours to charge completely.

Top Speed

The top speed of Hero Electric scooters may vary, but most models offer a top speed of around 25-45 kilometers per hour.

Weight and Load Capacity

The weight and load capacity of Hero Electric scooters can also vary. The weight of the scooter itself typically ranges from 70-100 kilograms, and the maximum load capacity can be around 150-200 kilograms.


Hero Electric scooters may come with additional features such as LED lighting, digital instrument cluster, regenerative braking, anti-theft alarm, mobile charging port, and remote keyless entry, among others. The availability of these features may depend on the specific model and variant.

Hero Electric Eddy Dimensions

Hero Electric Eddy

  • Length: 1,770 mm (69.7 inches)
  • Width: 690 mm (27.2 inches)
  • Height: 1,080 mm (42.5 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 1,245 mm (49 inches)

Hero Electric Photon

  • Length: 1,860 mm (73.2 inches)
  • Width: 710 mm (28 inches)
  • Height: 1,180 mm (46.5 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 1,350 mm (53.1 inches)

Hero Electric Flash

  • Length: 1,810 mm (71.3 inches)
  • Width: 720 mm (28.3 inches)
  • Height: 1,080 mm (42.5 inches)
  • Wheelbase: 1,275 mm (50.2 inches)

Manufacturer Warranty

Hero Electric offers a standard warranty of 3 years for their electric scooters. However, please note that warranty terms and conditions can vary over time, and it’s always best to refer to the official website or contact Hero Electric directly to get the most up-to-date information regarding their warranty policies.

Hero Electric Eddy Bike Cost Calculator

The price of Hero Electric scooters typically starts from around INR 40,000 to INR 1,50,000. The exact price will depend on factors such as the model, battery capacity, motor power, and additional features. It’s important to note that prices may have changed since my knowledge cutoff, and there may be new models or updates available in the market.

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on the cost of Hero Electric scooters, I recommend visiting the official Hero Electric website or contacting authorized Hero Electric dealers in your area. They will be able to provide you with the latest pricing details and any ongoing promotions or discounts.

Purchase Price

The initial cost of the Hero electric scooter can vary depending on the model and any additional features. You can check the current prices from Hero Electric’s official website or local dealerships.

Maintenance Costs

Electric scooters generally have lower maintenance costs compared to gasoline-powered scooters. However, you should consider expenses like periodic servicing, tire replacements, and any repairs that may be required over time.

Electricity Consumption

Electric scooters run on electricity, so you need to factor in the cost of charging. The electricity consumption can vary based on the battery capacity and the distance you travel. Check the scooter’s specifications or consult the manufacturer to determine the energy consumption per kilometer or mile.

Battery Life

The battery life of an electric scooter gradually decreases over time. Most manufacturers provide a warranty for the battery, which typically ranges from 1 to 3 years. After the warranty period, you may need to replace the battery, which adds to the overall cost.


Depending on your location, you may need to consider insurance costs for your electric scooter. Check with local insurance providers to get an estimate for insuring your Hero electric scooter.

Hero Electric Eddy Price

Variant Price Specifications
Eddy LX  75,062(On-Road Price, Chandigarh) 85 Km, 25 Kmph, 4-5 Hrs


EMI Calculator

₹  96,453 – Total amount

(Principal + Interest)

₹  2,575/ month – Indicative EMI

Down payment – ₹ 3,753

Loan amount – ₹ 71,309
Tenure – 36 Months
Interest – 10 %
₹  96,453 – Total amount

(Principal + Interest)

₹  2,575/ month – Indicative EMI

Down payment – ₹ 3,753

Loan amount – ₹ 71,309

Tenure – 36 Months

Interest – 10 %

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