Helps to prevent separation in husband-wife relationship ‘ 7 ‘

Whether it is a long-term relationship like husband-wife relatiaonship, love or friendship, it ,is normal for it to stagnate in a few years. According to psychologists, in seven years, it is natural for some deviation to occur between the two. The feeling of itching in the relationship is called ‘Seven Year Itch’ in psychology.

Not renewing ourselves in a relationship and lack of enthusiasm is the cause of ‘Seven Ya Itch’.

If you pass that seventh year well, you can easily overcome any problem after that. But, some people will hurry and break the family relationship saying ‘this is not suitable for use. This is also said to be a reason for increasing divorce. Thus there are seven ways to prevent division in the husband-wife relationship. They are…

1. Counseling is essential

Instead of mulling over the issue in your mind, you can ask someone you trust for an opinion. He can easily solve the problem that is gnawing at your mind.

2. Write it down

  Write down what you like about your husband and what causes the problem between the two of you, without any compromise. When you read it, what are you doing wrong? The understanding will be clear.

3. Avoid hesitation

  Reluctance is not to be in a husband-wife relationship Both have what they need. They should tell their partner what is expected without any hesitation or shyness. Will he think of anything? “Keeping all that in your mind will explode one day.

4. Ask adults

  Earlier, when it was a joint family, if there was any problem for the younger ones, the elders of the house would intervene and solve it. Since that is not possible in single families, family elders or mental health counselors can be approached.

5. Go on a trip.

Husbands and wife do not speak their hearts out to each other. Problems increase due to reasons like not spending time. So, only two people can go out somewhere. It is special for a day trip.

6. Gift is essential

  Both husband and wife. Every now and then you can surprise by giving a surprise gift. It doesn’t have to be something you spend money on.  

7. Plan for it too

  Some people will avoid a romantic relationship citing the same reason as ‘children are born and grown up’. Due to this, there will be a gap in the husband-wife relationship. Therefore, couples should plan and allocate at least a few days for this in a month.

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