Electricity Bill Payment Of Online In Bihar Website

Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited


Bihar State Power Holding Company Limited is abbreviated as BSPHCL. BSPHCL formerly Bihar State Electricity Board is a state-owned electricity sector board operating within the state of Bihar in India. BSPHCL was incorporated in 1958 as a statutory body under the Electricity Act, 1948.


Bihar Electricity Bill Payment

Electricity services are set to be used everywhere with maximum staffing. A man is using electricity from his daily needs to luxury needs. Air sound is one of the most important for a human life. Electricity is also produced through natural sources. That is why people are afraid. Now beyond that they are using electricity for all their needs. They also insist on paying some payment from the government for the electricity used in this way. This payment was originally made to the electricity company. But now they have brought more and more ways to use it through the internet. One of them can be seen in detail.

Step: 1

First you need to login to Google Chrome. After login, type Quick Pay in the search field.


Step: 2

You will see an image. In that image there will be a website called First Quick Pay Online Payment. Click on that website.


Step: 3

The next image is the electricity home page open. On that home page it will be given in a box and given as submit. You have to type your consumer number in that box.


Step: 4

People who don’t know this consumer number will write it in your e-mail box. Otherwise you can fill it by looking at your last eb bill.


Step: 5

After typing the consumer number click on submit button.


Step: 6

If you look at the next image, you can click and type the EB number, whose name the EB is in, your name, eb, how much amount to pay, any date of payment, etc. If there is a view bill next to it, then the information center of that bill can be known. If you scroll down that image a little, then they have provided some more facilities for paying the bill. You have to fill all your email id phone number and click on bill desk option.



Step: 7

If you look at the next image, your bill amount, your name and all the information will be visible in that image. Below that click on pay now button.


Step: 8

After giving pay now, a small box will appear asking you to click OK for confirmation. After clicking OK, the next image will show you how you want to pay.


Step: 9

If you look at this image, then they have provided facilities to pay bills in multiple ways like debit card, credit card, net banking, UPI. Now we are going to pay through debit card.


Step: 10

After selecting the debit card option, we have asked for the card information and must fill it correctly. Card Number Expiry Date CVV Number Customer Name in that field must be filled correctly. Then you will receive only one OTP to mobile number for verification. You have to fill that OTP and click submit button. Confirm that your bill has been paid correctly. You can check the bill payment information by logging in again on this website and clicking on the View Bill option. In this way you can pay your current bill easily.


Electricity Bill Payment of online in Bihar website

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