953+ Edtech Telegram Group Links 2023

Edtech Telegram Group Links

EdTech Telegram Group Links Links to find new updates about EdTech as learning and skills. Mobile applications designed to assist with learning and skill development. These apps can cover various subjects and educational levels.

Systems that use technology to tailor educational experiences to the individual needs of each student. Online tools and platforms that facilitate collaboration among students and educators.

Technologies that provide immersive learning experiences. The integration of game elements, such as competition, rewards, and challenges, into educational activities to make learning more enjoyable and motivating. It can also facilitate adaptive learning by understanding and responding to individual student needs.

Edtech Telegram Group Links

  • EdTech Club – Link
  • Datacity Edtech (By Durgesh Yadav) – Link
  • XYZ Edtech™ – Link
  • Nik’s Edtech & ELT Updates – Link
  • Maximum Education – Link
  • Vladimir Prokopovich. English, Edtech, Education 🌍💙 – Link
  • Tesakova | Marketing education – Link
  • BS. EdTech / Образование – Link
  • Genius Education | Design – Link
  • Xera EdTech for educational consultants – Link
  • EdTech – Educational Tech ❤️ – Link
  • Remaining Group

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  • Please read the group description and rules to make sure this is the right group for you.
  • If you want to join the Edtech Telegram Group, click the Add button and you will become a member of the group.

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