805+ Herat School Telegram Group Links 2023

Herat School Telegram Group Links

Join Herat School Telegram Group to get instant new updates about Herat School. Herat has a rich historical and cultural heritage and was a center of learning in the region in the past. The education system in Herat, like in many parts of Afghanistan, faces numerous challenges, including a shortage of qualified teachers, inadequate infrastructure, security concerns, and cultural barriers that limit educational opportunities for girls.

In the past, the Taliban regime restricted girls’ education. Although there have been improvements since then, there are still significant gender disparities in education, with many girls and women facing obstacles in accessing quality education.

Herat School Telegram Group Links

  • مکتب آنلاین هرات/Herat Online School – Link
  • Afghan-Turk Maarif Schools – herat boys h – Link
  • Nokhbagana Herat High School لیسه نخبگان هرات – Link
  • 📚لیسهَ خصوصی سعیدهرات📚 📚Saeed Herat privately school 📚 – Link
  • ❤️⚜گًَُِِِّرِِِوًُِِِّهًَُِِِ سًَُِِِّلًَُِِِّطًَُِِِّنَُِِِّتًَُِِِّ هًَُِِِّرًَُِِِّاًَُِِِّتَُِِِّیًَُِِِّاًًُِِِّ⚜❤️ – Link
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